Discover Santorini, an island that stands out with volcanic beauty contrasting against the vibrant blue of the Aegean Sea. Here, white-washed houses cling to the dramatic cliffs, preserving the Cycladic Cave house style that holds the history of the land.

Beaches of multicolored sands adorn Santorini all around, providing unique opportunities to enjoy the island’s timeless beauty. When you are ready to explore the surrounding islets, take a cruise into the Aegean and enjoy the gorgeous scenery with volcanic black land set against the deep blue.

Delicious gastronomy awaits you back on the island with local flavors such as fava, cloro cheese, cherry tomato (tomatina), white eggplant, tomatokeftes, along with fresh fish caught from the pier. Let delicious wine accompany your dining, picking your (new) favourite variety with a visit to Santorini’s many wineries and vineyards.

As the sun sets, the island is bathed in a golden glow, offering a spectacle that remains etched in the memory of all who witness it.


Santorini’s multilayered history lies in Akrotiri village on the southern coast of the island. Known for its incredible archaeological site, the location offers breathtaking views of the Caldera, while its unique beaches dazzle with distinct red and black volcanic sands.

An excursion to Santorini’s iconic pharos is a must, providing a rocky scenery with a 19th-century lighthouse on the edge of a high cliff right above the Aegean Sea. From there, you can witness panoramic views of the island that take your breath away and leave a lasting impression.

Afterward, explore the quaint village, offering many dining spots to savor mouthwatering local dishes against the calm backdrop of Akrotiri, away from the crowds. Surrounding wineries and vineyards provide a unique opportunity to learn about agriculture and taste the local wine varieties of the island.

From the ancient ruins that whisper tales of an old era to the panoramic vistas that color every sunset, Akrotiri is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

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